Is he interested in me or not?

We were dating 6 month back, but we split up. I really liked him and I still do, but we had really tough arguments and he left. He started to contact me again. Asked me out for a coffee (he even broght chockolates for me) and suggested he can teach me Spanish (but didn´t set any specific date). I texted him on Monday how he´s doing and to show him interest I told him that I will bring a cookie I baked to work (I work in a store and he sometimes stops by to talk to the owner who is his friend). He didn´t come on Tuesday, but I saw him talking outside with my boss when I was leaving. I tried to ignore them (I felt rejected), but my boss started to involve in a conversation both of us. When we were alone for a while "my" guy told me he was very busy and could not visit me, but will come tomorrow and he did and we had a coffee (Wednesday). No contact on Thursday and on Friday I saw him and said hello to him and smiled (I´m very shy, so this is very hard for me).
I texted him later on Friday , he responded, used emoticons, but didn´t write much (he mentnioned to me that he is very busy, because he was travelling whole week and now he needs to get his regular work done).
But he didn´t propose to meet during the weekend. We are talking together for a week again. Is it too early? Is he interested?

  • He IS interested, but is careful and wants to take it slow and busy
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  • He lost his interest again. Move on
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  • He contacted you, because he just wants to be friends with you
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  • He probably wants to take it slow. Be more patient.

    • we stopped dating 6 month ago, the problem was that i was too argumentative. i apologized every time and explained him reasons (i have strong trust issues), but he didn´t contact me again, until now. he is a sweet guy, very sensitive, so i don´t want to do anything bad. i know i can´t be just his friend, but at the same time i don´t want to do anything too "brave", not to scare him off :/

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