Why would I guy do it.. Does he like me and loves to see or talk to me?

There had been a guy I observed to be giving me secret glances and once when I caught him, he turned his eyes aside immediately. Then when I got very ill, he asked my best friend to take me to hospital (He was out of town). I began to develop liking for him. Infact I felt many things since two years; he had always kept on checking my sincerity level by asking me help. By asking me whether I could complete his project or not (but infact he never asked me to it and did himself), by asking me for a register page (when he already had pages in his register). It had been days we both had seen each other when suddenly few days back he asked for my Camera and said that he had a friend's wedding so he needs to photoshoot him. He asked me if I could come to university and give him or else he picks from my home (mind it, I handed it over to him the very next moment though I am very touchy about lending my camera to anyone). He returned it to me himself after a week but all I observed was that he did not even use it and instead had transferred three photos inside its memory card from an external source (So that I might get an impression that he used it). [Two were of blossom flowers and one was a group photo] it made me feel as if he was just checking my heart and how much i love him (he knows i love him.. I said to him). Last time when I met him, he preferred to sit on a very next chair to my right side in Library while all chairs were empty. Then when he got up to go home, I asked him if we could go to canteen together, he said sure and we sat there and kept on talking and one and half hour passed. I never really wished to stop talking to him; he probably might too because he also got up to go when my car came to pick me finally. Does the guy like me?


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