He asked my friend for my number. Is he into me?

So I went to an event the other night and we were around 20 people or so. At the other table, there were a group of other people who didn't know any of us. One of the guys came over to introduce himself. He had later asked my friend (the hostess) if he could have my number and whether I was single.

Why would a guy ask for your number? Was he into me? And why didn't he ask for it personally instead of asking my friend?


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  • obviously... he was just shy 2 ask u 4 yer # in person basially... that's y asked yer friend


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  • How is it not obvious he's into you?

    • Lold
      The stereotype that women will never get the point until they are told straight forward comes to mind^^

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    • He likes you :D

    • @Chick180 :)

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  • A guy wouldn't ask for your number otherwise


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