Should I go to the movies with this guy?

Well we like each other and talked about the fact that we wouldn't see each other often due to our conflicting work schedules and the only time we've seen each other was today at Megacon. We hung out for a bit and was close and flity (he even bought me something) but got separated when I went to look for our mutual friend (after two adventures throughout the showroom and messages he couldn't get due to no service, he left). He just posted that he was going to see Furious 7 tomorrow and asked if anyone wanted to go. I really want to go to see it with him (even if it's with other people) but last time I've tried to hang out with him he told me that most of the people he hung out with were deaf (he has a hearing aid and is fluent in ASL) and I would probably be the only hearing person and didn't want me to feel left out so I shouldn't hang out with him

I don't want the same thing to happen because it was a bit disappointing but I really want to see him and I definitely want to watch Furius 7.

Any suggestions?


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  • It's up to you. You really like him then go for him. Make sure you know him. You don't give up on people you love...❤️

    • I'll try not to chicken out

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