Guys, how can I show my bf I appreciate him?

After four years together our relationship has gotten rocky. I just want to show my bf that I am in it for the long run! So what can I do to make him feel wanted and appreciated?


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  • Give him more oral. Get him a ring or a watch. Maybe sharing something personal like email or facebook password.

    • My bf is 27 and he is not materialistic

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    • You're welcome. If you need date ideas feel free to ask. I'd be more then happy to help.

    • Thank you 😀

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  • Don't be to loving where you make him feel oveloved. Everyone needs space and time with their friends and family. I didn't say he needs to leave for days at a time and come home drunk every day. Never ask serious questions during sex or while giving oral. We will say yes to whatever you say. Lol.

  • Start doing freaking interesting things, first ask for a hangout, try to pay, kiss him and tell him you love him, be in him while seeing a movie, and let him see the best in his worse, takes a few days to change all the impression he had before

    • I hardly understood the end of your post.

  • Be his best friend , get along really well with his family, make your time together special.

    • I already do all of that. Any other suggestions?

  • Open ur boobs instantly?

    • Dude I'm a grown ass woman dating a grown ass man there is more to a relationship than titties!

    • Never too old for titties...

    • U r fucking right this time! 😁 I got no slightest idea about ur question actually

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