Should I go visit her again?

So a couple months ago I went into a bar, there was a woman and we ended up talking about 3 hours. She was laughing at everything I was saying and must have put her arm around me at least 10 times. She was the GM of the bar it turned out. So I left but kept thinking of her. Two weeks went passed and I went into the bar and asked her out. She gave me her number and we met a couple days later on a Sunday morning. She showed, and just about everything suggested she was into me. She was early, had obviously picked out some nice clothes, had makeup on and even bought me my coffee. I ended up ending the date after about an hour and she said to text her and she would be around. We then kept texting each other back and forth a bit and I think I might have creeped her out. I asked her if she smoked pot and texted her "have you been thinking of me?" I meant it in a playful flirty way but all that probably couldn't have been understood through a text message. I tried to meet her a couple more times but she made up reasons not to see me about 3 times. They all seemed obviously fake so she was probably just not wanting to meet up. I then sent about 3 more text messages but she didn't respond to any. I know where she works and I could go back and see her but I'm not sure. When we actually hung out she seemed totally into me but the texting didn't seem to be much of a hit.

Go see her again or not?


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  • Yes, texting isn't everything.


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  • I hate this for you, but there's a strong probability you're going to feel very awkward and embarrassed if you go to her bar and force her to interact with you. She could notice you walk in and go in the back and tell her co-workers to tell you she's busy or not there, or she'll just be short, but polite and professional. She could also be palling around with another man, so there's that to consider. There are other scenarios, but the above are the most likely.

    For whatever reason; you may have said or texted the wrong thing (it happens and it's amazing how one things said can turn someone off without you even thinking twice about it). She could be involved with someone else and just wanted to let loose and have fun; she could be married, or she could have just decided she just wasn't that into you and didn't believe in stringing you along.

    She could call you out of the blue with some explanation of why she ignored you, but I'd also be weary of that unless you're just wanting to hook up. But the reality is she's blowing you off and I'd strongly recommend you give it some time before going to that bar again. At least let your feelings become a bit more impartial first. Otherwise, it could be very uncomfortable for the both of you, and you'll end up feeling worse than you did before you stepped foot in there.


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