Guy Calls You Darling Is He into Me?

So I sent a photo to a guy, with a teddybear and it said thinking of you, I have feelings for this guy
and he told me a couple of weeks ago, that he has feelings for me too,, he replied and said thanks darling, is that a good sign, is he still into me, what do you think? I haven't spoken to him for a week, he's been having problems with work, so I thought I would send him a photo, and also thought it would cheer him up as he has been feeling bad with all the problems!!!


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  • Hard to say. I call good looking women darling all the time. If he's from the UK it generally means nothing


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe. It might be gay or just flirty.


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  • Only by that word?
    Nope I can't tell.


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