Is she going be creep out or she going appreciate and like more?

-There is a girl in my tuition class. I like her. She came from other school. She showing some interest indicator. She look/stare at me a lot. Her friends some how showing some attitude. We haven't talk to each other. We meet two times in a week and only 3 hour class.

-Here the BIG plan. I think I want introduce myself to her. My plan is, when I see her across street before enter class/ come out from her car or see her alone in class, I like to say ''Hi'' with smile to her. Ask her ''How are you?'' then conmpliment her, '' Hey, you so cutee and I want know you more@ I like to be friend with you. (with smile). And I like to ask her go accompany to supermarket (next to our education centre) buy some junk food or other food. After all I talking to her, at the last before enter class, I like to ask her watch movie on weekend.

-Is it ok?


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  • Does she know you well?

    • No.. we been in class since last year. But it is tuition class, private class. Not the regular school class. Since last year she look at me and stare. I want introduce, is it ok? can you givw your opinion? Thanks..

    • As a girl, do you think she going like it or she going creep out? Put yourself in that situation. Your crush approaching to you and do that thing. WHAT is your reactions? Thanksss

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