First date? What happened?

Ok so I met this guy at a restaurant a couple weeks ago and he asked for my number. He was a gentleman and was really sweet and nice so I gave him my number.

He rang me over the few weeks and we got to talking and eventually planned to go on a date.

5 days ago we went on a date, our first date and he surprised me by picking me up at my place. He showed up in a moterbike and so I was forced to sit behind him. The thing is when we were talking over the phone, he once mentioned that he owned a bike but didn't like driving it. So I found it weird that he brought the bike on the first date considering he claimed he hadn't used it in over a year and didn't like driving it.

he ended up taking us to this beautiful private place where we ate and danced under a gazebo. He also mentioned how much he hated dancing when we were on the phone.

Later on we went to the movies and he picked a horror movie despite once again mentioning that horror is boring as it had no plot.

I'm really confused now. Is this a way of him saying he is regretting meeting me because why is he doing these things. Despite having the time of my Life, I couldn't help but think that it was strange to do those things.

Am I thinking too much into it? What is going on? Do you think he likes me?
Like why would he do things he hated. Makes no sense
Help would be appreciated


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  • he good be doing it to impress you. for example. the classic stereotypical to girl gets swept off her feet by the guy with the bike, loves dancing and watches the horror movie with the guy. maybe he was trying to do what he thought you would like

    • Ahh I see, I hope so because he is a great guy.

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  • Yes, you're thinking too much into it. He probably came out of his comfort zone to do things he didn't like, so as to try and impress you.

    • Oh ok, I hope you're right

  • Did you say that you like these things? He's probably trying to impress you and devote his time to you even though he despises those activities. This means he wants you to feel happy and probably likes you.

    • Well I didn't say anything about the bike or horror movie. I did say I liked dancing though. Do you think that's all there is?

    • He definitely likes you. Otherwise he wouldn't be doing this for you. He wants you to know that he loves you, because he is doing this things for you

    • Oh ok. I hope so. I mean he is a great guy so I got worried that maybe I was too boring for him or something.

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