Guys, I want to try rough sex but I don't know how to tell my boyfriend?


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  • Just have an open discussion with him. It doesn't have to be in the bedroom, but maybe ask him his opinion of it and if he's ever wanted to try it. I'm sure that will reciprocate a responding question to you and your thoughts on the subject.

    Wanting to experiment in the bedroom isn't terrible at all, and he may be turned on by the idea you're willing to go beyond what you have been doing.

    Anyway, just be calm and in a comfortable setting, but also keep an open mind and respect his thoughts, too.

    Good luck,


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  • "i want rough sex"
    write it on the rim of your asshole and spread your buttcheeks

    then he will get the message

  • "Fuck me hard you little bitch yeah thats right I just called you that. What you gonna do you little bitch"

    inb4 he runs out crying

  • You didn't really give much information but why don't you just say it outright?

    • I'm worried that if I say I want it rougher he'll feel like he isn't doing a good job.

    • Well if he is tell him he is and that you want him to try to be more rough. Better doesn't mean what he was doing before was bad it just means you want variety.

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