He said I wouldn't hear from him again if I didn't listen to him. Why?

So I went on a date the other day and everything went great. The guy and I ended up kissing and we went to his place. We were basically only kissing at that point. Around 2 am, I decided to go home and said goodbye. But prior to that, he started getting angry at me because I said I would take the bus and not a cab.

He kept insisting and said that if I did not take a cab, I would never hear from him again. I know that he was probably worried and only wanted to make sure that I got home safe, but I told him repeatedly that I would be fine.

Furthermore, I got a text around 2 am from a friend and briefly just looked at my phone. He asked me who it was who was texting and I said a friend. He then went "Oh.. that's a bit late for a friend to be texting"

Does this guy sound a bit controlling or am I just overthinking? I mean, I know he just wanted me to be safe as I got home but I was just going to take one bus which goes straight to my house.


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  • He sounds controlling. I would exit early before he gets into your head.


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  • He sounds like a jealous and overprotective boyfriend lol. How long has it been u've been together?

    • It was our first date lol.. we aren't even bf/gf

    • Omg dump him lol. Unless u want things to continue that way, because he showed his personality on the first day, so yeah better just leave him.

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  • Controlling. Big red flag.

    • It was our first date as well. I mean would you get mad at a girl if she'd rather take the bus instead of a taxi?

    • I'd prefer the taxi at that time of night for her own safety but if she wants to bus it, she can bus it. It's not worth getting mad over!

      Last date I was on, she drove home and texted me to say she was home safe, which was nice. :)

      As for the phone - it's a little annoying if you're with someone and they check their phone, but my friends text at all hours of the day or night too. Making a comment implying it must be a hookup is not appropriate.

    • To be honest, I only glanced at my phone a couple of times. I didn't actively sit there and text someone right in front of him. We were on the date for about 7 hours, so of course I had to look at my phone a couple of times in that time :) thanks for your input though! Appreciate it

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