What is "culture"?

Opponents to interracial dating always go on and on about cultural differences, but, I've never understood it, I mean, countries tend to have an overall culture anyway, and, what about personality. For example, what's black culture, being bourgeois, being ghetto? What about white culture, being hicks, being corrupt execs? I don't get it, most people don't fit into any culture or stereotype or whatever, so what are they referring to when they speak of culture?


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  • Black culture is pretty diverse, get in where you fit in. I am not ghetto but I have friends who are ghetto and I don't think badly of them automatically based on where they are from. I guess you could say my culture is middle class blacks. we aren't bourgeois like upper middle class old money blacks, but we are kinda educated and have a little change to play with. We weren't the Cosbys but we weren't Good Times either. We would probably be closer to Family Matters. I tend to link up with middle class college black girls the most, but i can branch out and be around anyone that is cool. i have hood family members and party with them but i don't totally fit in with them.

    • I'm middle class and educated, I hate hood idiots and choose to actively avoid them. Being hood seems to be all about forsaking intelligence.

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    • not everyone from the suburbs is smart, but I see what ur saying

    • Of course they aren't, a lot of people where I live aren't hoods but are morons anyway. I can't stand idiots no matter their general culture.

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  • Most people do fit into a culture despite pretending otherwise. Culture is about the way people behave, social customs, expectations, basically the way people do things. I posted this on your other question I think but I think Muhammad Ali was spot on here:


    I like my culture the way it is. That's not to say I don't respect other cultures, it is interesting to visit other countries and learn about theirs, but in the end I prefer my own culture and my own people, and I think that's natural. When you change the people you change the culture, and what enforced multiculturalism actually results in is the opposite of diversity:



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  • Culture is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time." Culture can also consist of religious beliefs, food, ways of life, etc. This means that culture is not fundamentally based on race, especially in racially diverse countries.

    It just so happens that in some cases, in certain countries, people of the same race belong to the same culture, that doesn't apply to everyone though. Just because I'm white doesn't suddenly mean I have a different culture than someone of a different race. If we grew up in the same place, hold the same beliefs, customs, etc. then that basically means we share the same culture. A lot of people seem to think that culture is only based on race which isn't true.

    My boyfriend is not the same race as me. However, he and I both grew up in the same town, we have the same religion, hold the same beliefs, etc. and our relationship is fine. A difference in culture would probably make it more difficult to have a successful relationship, however like I said, that isn't necessarily based on race.

  • If they don't share the same beliefs and lifestyle, then they're not going to get along.


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