I want to ask a girl out , how can I do it?

there's a girl that i like , and i want to ask her out but i don't even know her.. and we've never talked..
how can i talk to her? or even ask her..


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  • go up to her and talk to her, about something - literally anything
    if you never talk to her you'll never get any further
    and she's just a person i'm sure she doesn't bite :)

    • thank you :) i'll try

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  • Well I could help but do you have to courage to start talking to her? Confidently...

    • haha i don't think so , i don't have the courage to start a conversation with someone who i don't know :(

    • Well until we get to that point asking her out is the last thing on the list lol

      Friendly tip, stop thinking of her as a girl you like... just see her as any other friend you want to talk to.
      Don't treat her as if she's better than all other girls, she's just a girl.
      Once you're able to do that, things will line up a lot more easily.

    • hmm thanks man.. that would help
      i'll try :)

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