She got a little disappointed after knowing Im uncircumcised?

We were talking dirty on the phone and I revealed to her that Im uncircumcised. Her first impression was kinda disappointed well, good thing I feel so awful right now. Im like blaming myself for having it not cut off since small.. She told me its okay and asking not to worry because she would still give me a bj anyways. I don't know if she's trying to make me feel better but it kinda hurt my ego something like that.. Should I tell her how Im feeling about it? Feeling disappointed? Because whats the point of telling it to her when I can't do anything about it, its not like I choose to circumcised or not. I dont think I should apologize to her either because thats just kinda stupid XD Should I just leave it and move on? Or am I being like overreacting?


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  • ... Why would that hurt your ego at all? Many women prefer cut men, but that doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you.

    You're overreacting. You don't need to tell her because she said that she wouldn't mind being intimate with you anyway.

    Just understand that many wo/men prefer un/cut men. Simple.


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  • well if you use toilet paper after peeing and wash your dingus every day then you obviously have nothing to fear


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  • Tell her how you feel yes


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