Why's he suddenly acting like this? Help please?

So I met this guy a week ago and we've been on several dates this week and we've texted everyday. The thing is that this weekend he's been being really weird and I don't know what his problem is suddenly. On Friday I was supposed to see but he had to cancel as his work meeting ran over. He did text to say he'd missed me and that hopefully he could see me this weekend or next week. I text him on Saturday morning in reply to a text he sent me Friday evening. He didn't reply at all. When I was at dinner Saturday evening I text him again (which I know was a stupid idea) to ask what he was doing later that night. He replied instantly saying he wasn't sure and asking what time I'd be free. I said I was out for a friend's bday so I probably wouldn't be free until pretty late/early morning. He said that was too late for him as he was pretty exhausted. I said I might head home early but wasn't sure yet. He didn't say anything. I ended up heading home a bit earlier so I text him (again, stupid. I know) telling him that I was free if he still wanted to hang out. He didn't reply so I figured maybe he was asleep or whatever. He still hasn't text me this today.

I'm not entirely sure what's happened. Up until Thursday (I last saw him on Wednesday) he was constantly telling me he liked me and wanted to see more of me and saying I was amazing etc. He was being pretty full on. Now he's being really weird. Is it because we hooked up on Wednesday and now he's not interested as he got what he wanted? He told me several times that he didn't just want sex. I'm really confused cus I don't understand why he'd still be texting. Should I text him now asking him to hang out today like we'd talked about? Why the sudden change?


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  • I would say to accept what he says for now. He may have pushed back his normal activities or obligations while spending time with you during the week and is now playing catch-up over the weekend. Friends and activities typically get pushed to the side when someone starts a new relationship, so he may be legitimately busy with those right now. For sure it is a red flag to be brushed off, but right now you kinda have to take his word for granted as the truth. Also, your blooming relationship may be just a tad overwhelming for him to take in all at once there and he just needs some time to process and adjust to all this newness. Just be patient. Don't try to smoother him, or portray yourself as needy or clingy, this may cause him to panic and pull back.

    • Would you suggest I text him or just leave it?

    • You've already text him with no reply. I would just play it cool for now and wait it out. If he doesn't reply at all I would try again maybe Tuesday and see he wants to meet up. Then the ball is officially in his court.

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  • He changed his mind or he found someone else or he was truly exhausted.


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  • Yeah, I'm sorry you're on the receiving end of this, but he's either invested in someone he likes better or he's decided he's just not that into you.

    Anytime someone makes excuses as to why they can't see you, it's not a good sign. Sure, every once in a while things come up, but when it's a chain reaction of "misfortune" that causes him to be "exhausted" then he's BSing you.

    Think about it. He had all kinds of free time to be with you prior and now he's just swamped. Unless he's the President, I'm sure he's got enough time to see you if he wanted. And you were inviting him over late. Why would he be too tired to possibly see you and fall asleep with you?

    I think it's best to appreciate the time you spent together and just let him go. He's being polite to you, but it's clear he's either doing so to avoid hurting your feelings, he's seeing someone and keeping you on the back burner, or he decided he just doesn't feel it for you.

    I'm sorry, but it's not the end of the world. Good luck to you.


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