Should I say something?

I just started seeing this guy we haven't talked about what we are yet we've been seeing each other for three weeks and spend the whole weekend together this weekend he got a new phone and he's basically spent the whole time on it which I can get it's a new phone most people are like that that's not what bothers me it's that this girl from back home has been texting him none stop all weekend and when he answers he makes it so he's angled that I can't see it when he usually doesn't so it's bothering me he talked to her all yesterday until she went to bed then when we got up today she had already msged him again and they have been texting all morning since 830 and it's now 1pm

Because we haven't officially said were together so I don't know it I should tell him how much it bothers me I made a little comment this morning so he's slowed down but not by much and I think it's just cause we have been doing things randomly

He's in Ontario she's back in Alberta where he grew up that's how they know each other but I've randomly read the msgs she sends and she very clearly flirting I ignored it yesterday cause I was like what ever they'll stop soon but they haven't and I won't see him again till next Friday either

So guys how would you take it if a girl said something to you


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  • Say something I'm giving up on you...


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