Is it possible to make yourself think you like someone?

Is it possible to lie to yourself. Make yourself believe something or see something that isn't there. I. Afraid of doing this. I have low self esteem and feel I do this with girls I don't actually find attractive. I think I do this because the second I find someone attractive I think they're too good for me.


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  • Absolutely. I was distraught after my first break-up, because back then I was young and naiive. My solution? Talk and flirt with as many guys as possible online until I found someone to convert my love for my ex boyfriend onto. I found this one sweet guy and did this, and we got into a relationship very quickly. I didn't know him very well and couldn't see his flaws, but I was so happy to have another man in my life and the pain taken away from my break-up. However, after a few months I found out he was a completely different person from me. I am the adventurous, going out and travelling optimistic type, whilst he is the stay indoors gaming, lazy and depressive/negative type. On top of that he was extremely clingy and possessive. Eventually I broke up with him, but he was so hurt and I am still trying to get over the guilt. My situation is the perfect example of forcing yourself into the illusion of liking someone. If I had gotten to know him properly before I had rushed into a relationship, I wouldn't have dated him and no pain would have had to be caused. So, the short answer, yes.

    • I'm afraid of doing this. I've never had a girlfriend and really want to Share affection and love with someone. I have low self esteem and feel I might pick someone just because I think they will say yes while someone I'm more interested in will say no.

    • Heya. I always viewed love as like a pair of house keys. If you go out searching for it, you won't find it. Real love happens when you don't expect it. The best advice for you is to enjoy being single while you can, maybe hook up with a few girls without seeking for anything more serious. Trust me, being in a relationship is far from perfect. You should enjoy being single and stop worrying about when it will happen, because it will. When you don't expect anything from a girl, and then you both realize you have developed feelings for each other without expecting it: this is when you know you are in love.

    • True, I just can't hook up I'd definitely developed feelings.

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  • Yes, you're already doing it all the time.
    You could try like hypnotherapy or autogenic training.

    • Is this bad? what can this do to me later?

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    • Having low self esteem... well, you should know enough about that to judge for yourself.
      You know, I already gave you the keywords, so why didn't you enter them into google or something.
      What I can tell you is that neither is invasive and autogenic you can do by yourself if you read up on how to do it.

    • Thank you

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  • Yes, it's possible and it'll get you into miserable relationships

    • Oh 😬

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    • I'm not great at advice for guys, but all I really think you should start with is working on your self confidence

    • Ok thanks. I gotta keep working that.

  • Yes, it's happened to me a couple of times before

    • Was it worse for you or the guy? I don't want to hurt anyone.

  • Very possible, I'm currently there my mistake for dating a ex again.. After a month of dating I'm breaking up with him, I forgot how clingy and needs and insecure he was.. Lesson learned

    • I hope I'm not like that. I have a whole bunch of insecurity isssues as of now but I'm trying to work on my body and stuff to see if it will help. Sorry to hear that though. Hopefully you meet a good guy 😊

    • Thank you I appreciate that. Just make sure you are working on those things for you and not someone else. ☺

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