Should I still go and meet this guy? Or is he bad news?

So, I never met this guy, but my friends are friends with him. I only know him from Facebook. I commented on one of his pictures and he messages me this.

Him: When are we hanging out?
Me: Yeah, lol. When and where?
Him: Beermuda, then my place lol. (Beermuda is a bar)
Me: Lol, Lincoln might be there (Lincoln is a crazy guy that he is really close with, and I got into a fight with Lincoln because he's psychotic, and was psychotically texting me)
Him: Hell no, it's just me and you. It's a date lol. You should stay over my place and party.
Me: We can go to the Beermuda, but I am not that kind of girl that goes home with guys lol.
Him: I'm not saying sex. i'm saying watch a movie and cuddle, damn lol.
Me: I would like to meet you at the bar, but maybe if things go good, i'll watch a movie haha.
Him: Lol, ok. Sounds good.
Me: Sorry, I'm just trying to be straight up like I'm not trying to give you the wrong impression.
Him: lol ok.
Me: It's totally cool if you don't want to meet up with me haha. I'm just being straight up, but you seem cool. Either way I will respect your decision.
Him: I def want to meet up
Me: Ok, cool! Message me tomorrow with plans lol.
Him: kk

I don't know if I want to meet him because I don't know if he's getting the picture, or if he really does just wnat to meet me? I don't know if he's just bad news? What does this sound like to you? Need opinions lol. Thank you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, this guy's full of shit. How do I know? I've been that same oversexed asshole. That was long ago, but that doesn't make me proud of it. I'm glad you're noticing some serious red flags and you should respect them.

    It will be worth it for you when you meet someone who actually wants to take you out on a date and doesn't give you innuendos of doing what you think, while then backtracking trying to proclaim his innocent intentions.

    Don't go meet him.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean! I told him I am not that kind of girl but maybe he thinks he'll get me drunk and then I will turn into that girl, but it won't happen. Haha, thank you! :)

    • Good for you, and you're very welcome. Respect your personal boundaries and anybody who truly respects you will gladly respect those boundaries as well.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He got the picture. Meet up with him. Have a good time. You never know, you could potentially end up liking each other.

    • I guess lol, I am just afraid if he think she'll get me drunk enough where I will turn into that girl that will sleep with him and hook up with him. It's hard to gauge his intentions, but thank you for commenting, and sharing your input! :)

    • He is probably just looking for sex. BUT if you don't go home with him afterwards, it will show how serious you are. :)

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What Guys Said 5

  • Meet him. Watch a movie, cuddle with him, don't make out with him or let him touch any of your stuff. If he does, leave.

  • you already agreed to meet with him. Why would you say yes if you didn't intend to?

  • Do as you please. Just know this. all he wants to do is get you typsy and have sex with you.

  • Do what you want

  • I feel like text messages do not count as real interactions.


What Girls Said 4

  • Doesn't sound like anything. You were jumping to conclusions before he even suggested anything.

    • How? He said "Beermuda, then my place" So, I responded with "I'll go to Beermuda with you but I am not the kind of girl that goes home with guys." I was making that clear to him because he wanted me to come back to his place.

    • I guess. I felt like you kept repeating yourself.

  • meet him with a group

    • I was gong to do that, but I don't know if I should even do that, and just squash it? Lol.

    • hmm yh, just don't be alone with him at all, ask your friends what he is like and if he has a reputation of being weird or anything

  • most guys are bad news. this one is worst

  • he just wants to have sex with you. bad news.


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