How do I tell he can't use me anymore and we can oly be friends unless we date?


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  • Rephrase your question because I do not understand it.

    • Well we do sexual things and he hasn't asked me out so I wanna know how to tell him that we can't do it anymore unless we were to date cause he's like my best guy friend and I am crushing but I don't know how he feels about me even though his best friend said he likes me back he just won't ask me out and he only has one more year in high school before he goes off into the millitary and I dont wanna put my life on hold if he won't ask me out

    • Tell him that you want to terminate your friends with benefits situation.
      Tell him that now you want to go back to dating and you're not willing to do sexual things unless you're formally dating someone.

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  • "using" what do you mean using you?


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