Really annoying girl from the bar any thoughs? weird behaviour?

i'm not sure exactly when i first meet her but she's been going to bars around here for a couple years , lately things got rather weird. i think it started after i ran into her and her gf at the beach last summer and she was wearing a rather sexy bikini and i enjoyed seeing her there so maybe she though i was more interetsed in her than i really was.
lately i have been seeing her at this country bar i go to and she always seems to be there , she got wind of fact i liked another girl who goes there that she also somehow knew of some level and seems to have caused some tension there and she got all upset when i tried to talk to her one night and haven't seen that girl i actually liked for a couple weeks now after that drama. i also saw her at a sports bar on a date with another guy i had never seen before and at bar there seems to be a few other guys she knows or hits on. i'm not even really sure why she was interested in me , i've got the feeling she has been around as they say as she's always at bar and had sex with various other guys before , she also has her tongue pierced so i do think she has been around. she actually be a hot girl to have sex with but to date i would suspect you'd be in over your head and not sure she's really type of girl you get in a relationship with.


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  • 1) Having your tongue pierced doesn't mean you're a slut.

    2) She sounds insecure judging by what you've posted. If you want to sleep with her as you've said, then do it. But I would think that would cause more problems between the two of you.

    Just be polite when you see her, but nothing else.

    • she has some other piercings too and tattoo's , she's more wild was what I meant maybe than that she was doing oral on all these guys.
      she does seem insecure which I find odd considering she has a nice body for her age and most guys would find her attractive so she could just date someone else. I do agree sex would cause more problems and really don't think we'd have a good relationship at this point as I'm clearly more into other girls and really not interested in committing to her

    • Lol. There's something about you that she must like... maybe the fact that you don't seem interested in her...

      I know some women are like that. The more uninterested a guy is, the more interested she is... and it ties in with their insecurity usually.

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  • She's a hoe if you want a relationship try meeting girls who don't drink smoke or do drugs.

    • there is a lot of girls around here who drink , smoke or do drugs , even at the country bar I find a lot of the girls like to drink a lot even the more classy ones who don't do drugs still like their alcohol.

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