I unintentionally hurt him. What should I do now? need advice?

Long story short: Guy used to like me, I unintentionally hurt him (had a boyfriend) and we lost touch. A month ago, ran into each other (4 years later) and had lunch and have texted on and off and had dinner. Here's the thing: he never texts first and never makes plans to hang out. Although, he did say that I should go out with him on my birthday in a month and that he'd even take a couple days off work for it. In my opinion, there are lots of signs he likes me and also some that he doesn't. He even said he doesn't like thinking about how we ended things. There's no sex involved by the way. Anyway, I've been thinking of buying a small handgun for protection and he owns a lot of guns, so I texted him asking if he'd want to go look at some with me. He didn't answer and then I said, "Ok, never mind"and he started asking what kind and stuff and then said, "I might not have time this coming week but other weeks I may be able to help ya out" which knowing him (he's very shy and "socially awkward" as he calls it) I felt like that was a polite no. So I said never mind, that it was ok (with a smiley face)
Update: I'm in general tired of initiating and he claims he doesn't because he's shy/busy so I told him, "Anyway, get a hold of me if you ever want! I'm gonna give you some space haha so" and he said, "Haha wutevs" He gets a little immature when mad but still. I asked "what?" and he goes "idk". I then said I was leaving the ball in his court because I felt pushy and that I really liked him (I don't know how he took that) and he said, "No you're good"
Update 2: I really don't know how to proceed. I've had people say he's hesitant because of how much I hurt him and others say he's not interested. I'm thinking of just telling him I like him straight out just to make sure I'm not letting it go without knowing for sure how he feels. He's a lot of fun in person and I think seems interested but then texting he's weird and doesn't answer and stuff.
Kind of complicated but there was this girl that liked him and was jealous because she knew he liked me, so she had been aggressively harassing me at school about him and then made sure he heard it when she basically trapped me and said, "You need to stop being a liar and admit you like him!" and a bunch of other stuff and said, "I don't like him and if I did, I'd be dating him!" it came out a lot meaner than I meant it but I was just so mad at her and she was always someone that was being nosy.


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  • Well... it depends on the extent to which you hurt him,, and the reason for hurting him. That's my guess.


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  • I think he isn't ready to be serious, I think he's trying to hurry you the same way you hurt. Did you play games with him or lead him on... because thats exactly what he's doing to you.


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