G@Gers do you have RAT radars?

G@Gers do you have RAT radars????

Interpret it how you like,, do you have one?
Ever been with one before?

A term used to describe anyone who has the following characteristics: lazy, good for nothing, cheap, always drunk, always sober, dancing with a hot chick, dancing with an ugly chick, plays video games all day, wears better clothing then you, wears worst clothing then you, obnoxious, says stupid things, does stupid things, hoards food, sleeps all day, eats all day, pisses in the sink, pees in pools (not while in them, stands on the side and pees in them), likes tequila, hates tequila, eats the last of piece of food, uses the word agwan, and of course eats cheese!

hood rat: A straight slut from the hood.. the kind or girl that has probablly slept with you and four of your best homies... Usually lazy as hell.. they are known to party a lot.. easy to take advantage of.


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  • I don't. But once there was a mouse in my house. And my mom and I were really scared. So the mouse ran into my room.

    We quickly got some tun foil and laid it on the ground right outside my door and put some super glue on it. Then we put cheese there too.

    And the mouse tried running out but it got caught in the glue. And we rolled it up and put it outside.


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