How to get a guy to ask me out?

I know my crush likes me because one of my friends told me that he talks about me all the time... I'm pretty sure that he knows I like him... But why wouldn't he do anything about it? He hasn't asked me out or anything. I've gone to his house a couple times to watch a movie, and we text all the time, but he hasn't done anything yet...


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  • Guys aren't born with the knowledge how to date women, they learn from experience like everyone else. If they haven't got any experience it will probably take a little push.

    You might not know what you're doing, but neither does he. If you like each other then just let him know and if he likes you back it'll work itself out.

    • He's had 3 previous girlfriends...

    • Doesn't mean he doesn't get nervous at the idea of rejection. Look at it logically in terms of risk vs reward. Best case scenario you get a boyfriend. Worst case you get let down, but because of this you can stop tormenting yourself wondering.

    • Ok thanks!!! :)

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  • Ask him out yourself.

  • Then y don 't u makethe 1st move?

    • Because I don't know what to do... this would be my first relationship haha

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