Does the 'freeze-out' work?

A friend was telling me that if you're talking to/seeing a guy and you know he's into you but he either sends mixed signals/is hot and cold/ seems to be losing interest or you dont know if he has genuine intentions. She said its a good thing to try the freeze-out.
Speaks for itself but basically ignoring him until he does something which makes it obvious he likes you like calling and leaving a voicemail, or showing up at your house or sending a few messages in a row etc.
Does this work?
Girls what are your experiences with this? And how do you act when you stop ignoring them? Just happy and normal like it never happened I assume?
and guys how would you react to this? Would it change your mind about her or how would you react?


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  • No it does not work. Your friend is an idiot. The reasoning she uses it that when you inevitably push him away he doesn't contact you, thus he must have never really been interested. You defeat yourself and accept the it was destiny. It's fucking sad...

  • Don't play games just keep it real. if someone ignored me I would move on real quick. I'm tired of people playing with me like that.


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