Is it true? did he love me or used me?

I am a black African girl aged 21 and met a 27 arab guy.. I met him in moscow.. he left me after 3 months of dating after he saw that I have sent pictures to a Russian guy but I have not cheated. when we were dating he never said that he misses me or love me , when I say I miss him when he is at work he doesn't reply. and the relationship or whatever do not know what to call it was almost starting to be serious.. I asked why and he said he doesn't experience his love through the phone. he never said he loved me.. I only asked him once if he loves me then he said yes he does.. I have heard from my country mate that he has many girls and I should move on.. He said arab guys are allowed to have many girls .. But after the break up a few days ago I went to his place and he wanted to sleep with me but I refused.. did he ever love me?


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  • I'm sorry but you're not going to get a direct answer on here. What photos did you send out? He could've gotten jealous or maybe he felt betrayed. Best of luck


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