How to act with a guy if I'm not sure how interested he is?

The guy like and I are in our early-mid 20s. I've seen him several times and a couple of times while drinking he's told me he thinks I'm beautiful and misses me etc. when we see each other he's not as sweet but friendly, we always end up making out and cuddling etc. up until a few days ago I thought I trusted him enough to sleep with him. Anyway on Saturday he said maybe we can see each other on Sunday. Sunday came and I heard nothing so I messaged him to start conversation and he was just really distant and replying one word answers. I said to him that he seems really distant so if he's busy its fine we'll talk another time.
My friend thinks I should ignore him for a while
I thought I should wait until he initiates conversation and see if he wants to hang out, like get dinner or something. I know he wants to have sex with me but I just want to be sure that he has good intentions first.


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  • It doesn't sound promising. Either he's not interested, or he has something weighing on his mind. But him only being nice to you when drunk is a bad sign.

    I doubt it'll get better if you have sex with him. You should ask him why he seems so uninterested. Don't just let stuff like that pass. You deserve much better.


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