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So this girl and I have been freinds for a year now but its always been a bit more than that. The past two weeks we've been flirting a ton and seeing each other a lot and doing stuff that platonic friends dont do. She told me she wants to be with me and says im the greatest guy she's ever met but is scared because we are both young (20 and 19). She feels once we get together that it'll be for the long haul (yea marriage weve talked about). Now, weve never kissed or had sex, weve talked about it and both want to but are both picky about timing and whether its the best idea yet. So now for my problem, we've been acting like a couple and doing couples activities and aren't talking to anyone else (she even had me meet her family last night and i went to a family party with her today). So i'm putting in bf level effort but she reacts weird when i try and physically advance, then when we aren't together she gives me a reason but says she still wants to do that stuff and tells me not to take it the wrong way. I'm not being led on i can promise you all. My question is that, am i being a classic pig for being hung up on having sex and all that? I mean I really enjoy spending time with her and love her as a person but i also feel kind of dumb and freindzoned at times. And i dont want to pressure the whole thing but im getting more and more annoyed by all the things i do for her the more times we meet up but dont act on our feelings. im just very frustrated rn and need advice plese


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  • First of all, realise that you're not happy. If you're not happy then how'd you think about pulling the relationship?
    Second, is it guaranteed that she won't fall for someone else? What if she does? Your efforts and time will be wasted.

    Don't force her for sex or even kissing but you need to force her for commitment at least to make yourself secure and happier.

    Good luck fella :)

    • Yea I'd say you're absolutely right. How should I go about doing that would you say? Give her an ultimatum or stop chasing her and putting in bf level effort and let her chase me a bit and see if she realizes we need to be together?

    • We can't say whether she'd chase you or not. Ultimatum would be too pushy. Just talk to her about your demands and give her some time. Then ask her again about what's her final answer.

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