He says he likes me and wishes we could hang out more. I text him at let him know that I'll be at the same event as he and I get no response... WTF?

we hung out in September for an evening, then for an entire weekend in March... he is not one to text but, always responds... what gives?


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  • You're too basic. Probably found another girl. You are older than me so i could be inexperienced and wrong:)

    • hahaha I'm anything but, basic... trust me ( he's not the only guy in my life... I am just confused.. I also really don't think he found someone else between Tuesday and Friday (Tuesday he texted me that he wants to hang out when he gets to the state I'll be working in, in a few months... we both travel for work all the time)

    • Act hard to get. Respond less. That shit always pisses me of and desperate. You seem easy if your always the one who initiates first

What Girls Said 1

  • Text again. Maybe he didn't get it.


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