Girls, what is based on you choose your mate on dating sites?

i mean how you choose? in what criteria? on dating sites like okcupid or on app tinder?


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  • Most women prefer a guy who is smiling in their profile picture. I will not have anything to with men who include shirtless selfies. It is also not having the effect you want by including several pictures of yourself with good looki g women. I k ow in the male mind you are trying to show you hang out with hot chicks all the time but the only thing women think is that you are either a player or don't have room in your life to start a real relationship.


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  • I just met my current boyfriend now of one month from a dating site. For me first I looked for who I thought was nice looking ( didn't have to be Brad Pitt or anything , just someone I was attracted to ) That lead me to want to read their profile. Which brings me to the second thing I looked for. A well written expressive profile with correct spelling and well formed sentences ( please be sure to use the spell check feature if you can't spell !! ) I didn't care how good looking the guy was I was turned off by negativity , inability to spell ( one or two misspelled words was o. k. ) inability to express oneself ( for instance instead of telling about themselves they just do the " luyruydlultutvrdstrsd ufytrcito ytfiyrxoo " to fill in the required amount of words in order to join. This told me they were not serious about finding someone) and complaining about their experiences with the dating site.
    After they passed all that, I looked first for distance, things we would have in common , and for personality ( for personality try to say something funny or share a funny life experience and how you handled it )
    Take your time and don't be afraid to talk about yourself on the dating profile... we women DO read them !!

    • P. S. by the way the question you asked here is not well formed. This would have been a turn off. It would sound better if said like this... Girls, What do you base your decisions on when choosing a mate from a dating site? Not trying to be mean- just helpful!

  • Well first it's physical attraction. Use your best picture and ask your friends what they think of it. Also their career, hobbies, personality and what they normally do in their free time.


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