About to embark on a new chapter in my life, but feeling depressed?

So basically in one month, I will graduate from college. I even have a job lined up.

It has been one hell of a ride, switched majors, studied abroad, internships, but one thing has stayed consistent my entire time there: Being single

There were a few dates, but nothing that truly came to fruition. The one time something came close, she was playing me for a fool using me to validate her ego and selfishness.

This is not a rant against women, this is me voicing my concern that I feel my chances of finding a woman, marrying, settling down, and haveing a family will decrease exponentially once I leave college. To all the haters, fuck off, you're not welcome here.

I feel that once I graduate, my chances of finding her decrease... a lot, almost becoming next to nothing.

I refuse to date co-workers. Tried twice (High school and college) both ended. One was the feelings weren't mutual, the other was the girl I mentioned before, the one that almost worked out.

I'm involved in Martial Arts and volunteer work, but refuse to date anyone from there, because I feel like it violates some professional ethic my father literally beat into me.

This is serving more as a... vent, to get my thoughts out there. It's almost 3 am and this feeling of not finding her is driving me nuts, can't sleep, I just want some people to hear my thoughts, nothing more, nothing less.

A few times on here I've said my phrase of "sack up, shut up, and go get her" While I try to take my own advice, I get so consumed with school, and I can guarentee the same wiill happen with my future job.

So my question is... will she ever come?


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  • Ok.

    "I feel that once I graduate, my chances of finding her decrease... a lot, almost becoming next to nothing."

    first, this^^. why? did u not know that when a woman knows that u have a degree under ur belt, chances are she'll take that into good consideration?

    also, i totally get that ur concerned. girls at 16 get concerned-.- the fact that u r thinking into the future says a lot in itself. i think love is one of those things that u just can't predict. she will come, I'm sure, ur a great person, but dont try to map out where u wanna meet her, or where u think you'll meet her.

    finding the one has to take some kind of submission of ur will instead of trying to create this plan. chances are u know that a lot of the time we plan something, and while we may reach the same outcome, we take a different route.

    i say this to all guys: be patient. work on yourself as a character, dont force ur interactions with women. be urself and just... let go. go with the flow and respect everyone. a woman, somewhere, some time in ur life will notice and fall for that. i know it. =]

    • the "I feel once I graduate" etc etc etc was said because I really do feel I'll get so wrapped up in work that I really won't have time to meet new people.

      But you're right, patience :)

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    • lol such enthusiasm

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  • i dont have time to go fully in depth for you here, but i think you would benefit a lot from a new frame of mind when it comes to picking up women. Now im gonna drop a youtube video of a guy who kinda changed my life when it comes to approaching girls that you're interested in. His name is james marshall and i encourage you to look him up on youtube. He's all about teaching guys natural game that doesn't come off as rehearsed... and when you listen to him, you get a sense that he really knows what he's talking about (he use to be a very quiet, "nice guy" that wasn't very attractive). Just realize that pretty much everyday, you come across a potential partner. You aren't limited to work whatsoever. I don't believe in soulmates, which means that there are really a a number of girls out there that would be suitable for a particular guy after you go through your own filtration process

    Anyways, here's one his videos that i liked a lot. If you like it, search up more of his stuff. Good luck


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  • She will come. My cousin found her hubby when she was 27 n they are happily married with 4 kids


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  • A better question is why do you feel that a woman will validate your life. Surely you're not entirely unfamiliar with MGTOW?

    There are many men who feel exactly like you do. They can help you.

    • She's not to "validate" my life. I want the exact environment I grew up with as a kid. I want that same lifestyle.

      MGTOW is honestly a load of bullshit

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