Should I ask him out for a drink?

I really like him but I think he is shy... He also has only been single for a few months so he isn't exactly use to flirting and dating yet... We met and now we're talking on facebook... He was askikng questions to begin with... but i sent the 1st text... I met this guy who seemed nice through a friend at work... He comes in for drinks and he's cute and nice.
My friend at work told me that he asked about me and said I was hot... So I added him on fb and I sent him a hello message...

but his replies are a bit boring and I'm asking more questions than him... Plus the last message he sent was a statement, not a question... So should I leave him alone? Should I not reply? Is he "just not that into me"? He's a friendly but shy guy, so I don't know if he's just being polite. When should I text him again?


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  • No, I would not be so forward at all, lest you make him feel uncomfortable. And you don't know, he may not even be available. If his is, or If he is interested, he will make it known. Just leave little hints. That's plenty.


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  • I think you should try! You don't know until you try. If you don't even ask, you will get mad at yourself for missing a possibility, which would be a whole lot worse than if you asked him and the date didn't go so well; at least you tried. Besides, some people are not good at talking online. You may find he's a lot more interesting in real life. Go for it, girl!


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  • Go for it. Sometimes it's good for a woman to be aggressive about what she wants.

  • I wish was the one getting these messages. You pretty good looking ;)


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