Party: she will be there, how do I act?

Said girl was throwing herself at me. Asked her out and she stopped replying. We hadn't catched each other for a few days. It's exam time and our last exam is tomorow.

I took the lack of replying as a rejection/ not interested eventhough she agreed and sounded super keen on the date.

Some of my friends were practicing with her the other day as I walked pass to say hi. She was the first to say hi to me and converse then went back to study.

Still no reply/ nore messaging.

We're all celebrating the end of exams Friday night. She will be there. Do I just play it cool - don't approach her unless she does? Have a good time myself and make a night of it?


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  • Act the way you normally do.


What Guys Said 1

  • Play it cool. I think she's living la vida loca.


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