How to not get jealous?

If you get turned down by someone but see them out at a party etc and hitting on or getting hit on by someone else, how do you act? How do you turn your jealousy/ envy thermostat back down to 0?


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  • It's simple: Get over it and move forward.
    You really just have to accept that for whatever reason, that person does not want you as a romantic or sexual candidate. Don't get too in your head about why. It may not even be about you but about the fact that there's already someone else who has their eyes... or their heart... an ex perhaps... the one who got away... you never know. Journeys are complex things! <3
    They don't want you. You can't have them. Get over it. I know it sounds harsh but the quicker you accept it, the sooner your jealousy will fade.

    You're at a party, have fun, dance, socialize, she's not the last pretty, worthwhile girl in the world.


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  • boost yer confidence maybe?


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  • You have to act like you dont care, be confident, and at least look like your enjoying the party! ahah :)


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