What's your weird/funny dating story?

There's this guy that I used to hate so much at school. I wanted to rip out is throat because he needed to shut the hell up! I punched him in the face, back and stomach. Flicked his ears and head while pulling his (now cut off) long fringe! The weird thing is...4 years later I'm dating him and madly in love! What's your funny/weird dating story?


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  • My mom and my step dad have a funny first date story. He took her to this really expensive steak house in the city. My mom likes steak, but if she takes a bite if fat or gristle she won't be able to finish the meal. She stops eating it all together. She just thinks its so gross. So my step dad took her to this restaurant and they both get like a $50 steak. Within the first three bites my mom gets a bite of fat and puts her fork down. She was done. So my step dad ended up paying $50 for a steak that she didn't even eat. It went to complete waste. She felt so bad and to this day he slightly holds it against her. Haha.


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  • Funny story... I never gone on a date ):

    • It's fine! Your love will come right around the corner soon, he or she probably got stuck in a tree or something! This is my first boyfriend and I'm 18 so don't feel bad about yourself. I bet you're a beautiful girl!

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