Girls, Was it a bad idea for me to tell her how I feel?

SO this girl I have known for about 3 months texts me almost everyday and we have only hung out twice before. Both times were her organising. Whenever I ask her out to something she puts me on hold or reschedules it indefinitely. Recently she texted me about some hot dude she met on work, long story short it ended with me saying "I'm not the best for advice, but ill be pretty bummed if you sort something with him". I only said this because I've known her so long and I can't pin her down but some stranger can :/. Am I overreacting? was it bad to say how I feel?
any advice appreciated


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  • It's not about pinning her down, she seems to be going where someone is else is grabbing her attention, and right now it's the guy at work.

    If she is putting you on hold as you say, she is doing that for a reason. She texted you about another guy, this shows she is clearly not taking you or your feelings into account.

    I think you said what you did because you are maybe hurt and confused, i wouldn't say it was bad what you said maybe you could have put it a little better but at least now she knows how all this is making you feel... The ball is in her court now.

    • and she won't be returning it

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  • Well, either she has no idea you like her, or she blindly put you in the friendzone. I have been there and seen them walk off with that other guy after I just wasted months of my time getting to know her. That really sucks. For me, I tried too hard to show her I am a nice guy and really didn't clearly come out and say I liked her and wanted to go on a real date, but in all fairness she never really gave any indication she was interested, so in the end the whole thing just sucked! It just seems with my experience, if she really likes you and thinks you are someone she would date and is sexually attracted to you the communication never goes in the friendship direction and almost immediately goes into that super interested, want to see you all the time direction. From what you say, she only saw you as a friend.


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  • If you don't prospect, you can't make the sale.


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