Do guys like it when girls approach them first? If you see something that you like should you really go after it?

There's a guy at my university that I find very attractive. We have a class together. I want to know him even if it is as a friend but I don't know what to say. I don't want to look like a fool or sound dumb. I guess I'm also afraid of rejection. But the semester is almost over and I know I might not see him again. What should I say? And how should I say it?


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  • Guys won't approach every single women they ever find attractive. We only do it if the time is right and the situation calls for it, and also if we are attracted to them obviously.

    • I was asking if guys like it when girls approach them first?

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    • Practice, lol

    • I guess I could practice lol

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  • in the same boat... but i will never confess -until he does... look at my last question regarding him staring at my lips..

    • I shouldn't say hello or try to be his friend?

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    • yes so he will know you exist.. but like you said in general like help on something dont make it too obvious-guys can sense when a girl throws herself-so dont go up to him like everyday thats like so obvious if you dont know him... try to forge a connection slowly.. hopefully some friends can help you on that one

    • Yea I was just going to try to be his friend. I'm not expecting anything or getting my hopes up. I always get hurt that way.

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