I dont know if this guy i'm interested in has a girlfriend, what should I do?

I know its easy, most of you will say ask him. But here its different because in the summer we had something, but then i left and we basically stopped seing each other, and now 6 months later i met him 3 times. I would see him more often but we dont spend time with the same group of people. One of the times we walked home and spoke a lot (because we live close to each other).
There was this girl who i remember was really intersted in the guy, and she was not being nice to me (probably because she was jealous). I know that they spend a lot of time together now because they are good friends but i dont know if she's his girlfriend. I texted him and we talked for a while. Will he text me again do you think? and what should i do about that girl?


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  • You have to ask him... or ask someone who knows him. What other choice do you have?


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