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OK so I've been talking to this girl for about 3 weeks, we've been on 3 dates and they all went really well. On our 3rd date we even slept together (just happened). Now ever since then she's been a bit distant and I've been doing most of the texting. Now i keep it to 1:1 text ratio but since our last date she never texts me. So i asked her to dinner for this past Friday but she said she had a bday party, now i was waiting for her to maybe give me a counter date? or liek another day for us to do something but she hasn't . Now the question is do I wait for her to ask me to hang out or do I have to ask her again, she hasn't really been texting me lately and i've been waiting for her to message me. We haven't messaged since Friday morning and I didn't message her on the weekend. If she's interested will she message me? I dont wanna keep being the one to message.
She does always text me back when I message her and Tuesday night she wanted me to go see her but it was so last minute, she asked jokingly but i think it was legit, for me to come entertain her close to midnight but i was already in bed and thought it'd look weak if i just jumped outta bed to go see her.


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  • do you guys mostly call or text? a lot of girls aren't gonna wanna come of thirsty and vulnerable for a guy they are just sleeping with if they are unsure about how he feels about her. for all she knows you could just like the sex and only are talking her to keep her hanging around. so If you want to be sure of her interest, show yours more


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  • If someone likes you, they will make sure you know.

    when you get yourself into this type of situation where you're wondering "what's going on" or "what should i do" usually means they're not as interested.

    "she hasn't really been texting me lately and i've been waiting for her to message me."

    Women are conversation ninjas, so she probably feels bad and "texts" you are her convenience.. I'd let this one go... esp if she does the 1 text per week "check in" bc she's bored.

    • i mean its not really once A week, she does always text me back. And she work all day and dont expect her to be glued to her phone cause she isn't really. Doesn't go On IG a lot or snap so i got that. Concern her is does backing away help me? I've been the more eager one to this point and yea she has slept with me but i dont want to be that annoying guy that chases, should be 50/50 no?

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  • Call her. She would probably rather hear your voice than just do cold texting. Talking is more personal and if you want her to be into you then you should probably do that. Good luck either way bro.

  • keep trying to schedule dates if she's always to busy then she lost interest in you. women are extremely fickle in the begining stages of dating.

  • She might be one of those girls that hits it and quits it. They exist for sure.

    • Well short story my current gf told me that if we would of had sex on the 1st date like we al. is did then we would not of hung out again, she is 18 and has been with more then 20 guys. All but 4 of them were one night stands. She has the sex drive of a dude. I was a little shocked at first bit I accept it. She might be like my Gf.

      I'm afraid you might of had sex too soon buddy. sometimes it's best to wait.

    • I would've thought that too but her body language kinda made it seem like that wasn't the case. I mean I know she isn't a virgin or anything but she didn't strike me as that type of girl. She was really nervous throughout and was obsessive about the condom which is weird for a 23 year old. And afterwards she said that she didn't want me to look at her in a negative way cause she doesn't usually sleep with guys on the 3rd date.

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