He finally told me he misses having me with him, does he like me and is he serious about me?

We have been out on a few dates, have been hanging out, hooking up and talking for about 3 months now. But the problem is over those last 3 months we have been far from eachother because I'm away at school, about two hours away, but now I'm moving back to the city where he is so we are going to be close to eachother. I asked him what he thought about me recently and he said that he thinks that I'm a cool girl to hangout with and thinks we really hit it off. I have really started to like him and I would like to see where things could go. There is a lot of sexual attraction, he literally can't keep his hands off me. But also, we have really good conversations and fun together too. He finally told me last night he misses having me with him. He hasn't really said anything like that yet. He also said he wants to spend time with me the day I'm back and planned a date. Does he seriously like me now? is this leading into something serious?


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  • Only he can tell you, ask him these things.


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