I can't ses my future? Normal or not?

Ok There were thing in life That i always saw happening and not happening...

i always new That i wouldn't have a graduation or get a job not nor happy... i am 23 and non of it has happend for me...

me and m'y parents are islamic people so they are trying to find a Guy for me to get married but latley no one has been wanting me and i knew from the Begining That its gonna get though to get married and find someone soon but i know its gonna takup most of my early 20s sadly so There for arm it is happening of what i exactly thought it would..

and another scary though of my six sense feeling if i get married late my mother won't be There to see it nor see my children ne day.

please help me i feel like all i ever feel or think is True..


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  • I have premonitions often, and my wife doesn't really believe them. Of course, I've refrained from telling her more specifics for fear I would greatly embarrass her and make her frightened.

    Look for websites and video programs that help you sharpen your third eye chakra. As we get older, our sensitivity can get weaker. You can also change things around with such a pessimistic outlook by lucid dreaming, where you can go in and take charge of what you see.

    Also, visualize yourself in a happy environment around friends, family and a loving husband. You're allowed to do that. And, do not worry about the future. You have no control as to how long your mother will be here, so all you can do is enjoy today.


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