She's not ready for a relationship?

We met in class on campus about a month back and things went off pretty good. We go to all of the school plays and hangout sometimes off campus to go to starbucks. She hugs me all the time and calls me before class to hangout. She says i'm a really sweet and great guy, especially when i got her a Valentine's day gift. Well i finally asked her out and she seemed pretty on the nose on whether to say yes or no. She told me she had a bad breakup 3 months ago and said she is on guard. I asked of there is a possibility down the line and she said maybe, whatever God has planned for us. Right now we're keeping it as friends.

Valentines Day

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  • Good god man!! Run. Don't look back.

    She is the very definition of a tease. When someone says they're "not ready for relationship" they really mean "with you"

Valentines Day