He ask me out but he's confusing?

Hi! My crush asks me out like week and half ago and than... I had to text him like: When we're going to go out? and he told me that he want to go on next ,, principals holiday" (its soon) but that was all. He don't disscours any plans or excact date or time when we're going to meet. I don't know what to think about it? Once he asks me out and than it looks like he completely lost his interest? (BTW i'm at high school)


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  • You should probably just wait and see what happens on that day. He probably needs to find other people to do stuff with so you can go on a group date or he needs money. Just wait it out.

    If he fails to do anything with you by than, forget him. You can't be wasting away your weekends waiting for someone who's lazy and scared.


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