Should I tell my best friend to go easy on my new boyfriend?

She hasn't met him yet, but she will soon, and based on what she said I'm a little worried to be honest lol.

This is what she texted me (after she missed a chance to meet him with my parents because of other things):

"Hey but I still feel bad about not meeting ____ cause I know you want me to meet him. I usually bust their balls when I first meet them, you know just give them a hard time, but I can't really do that in front of your parents. I'll meet him I promise! But not at your house cause I want to ask him uncomfortable questions, so he better be prepared lol. I'm going to be the bad cop, but not too bad so don't worry!! I don't want just any guy dating my best friend!!"

He's the first guy I'm more serious about, and he's 9 years older so I think that worries her. We've been friends since elemetary school, and I love her to death, but I guess she can be a little protective of me. He's a good guy, though. I just really don't want any conflict and hope they get along.


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  • Tell her that you need her to trust you to make good choices and you would really appreciate her support more than her interrogation skills. "I know you mean well but how do you think that drill is going to make him feel? How do you think he'll feel when I invite him to some group activity and he knows his interrogator will be there?"


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