Girls, back to this same question lol. How do I talk to a girl I've been really awkward with?

I've been really Shy and awkward toward a girl. She's shy too. I talked to her twice both time she cut me off and left quickly. She seemed happy to talk to me though. What's the best way to start talking to her. I wave and smile to her every day. She makes me so nervous lol


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  • You can try starting with small talk and then building up into a deeper conversation from there. I know it can be hard to not feel awkward sometimes but just keep in mind that she may also feel just as awkward as you.

    • She won't feel uncomfortable? I thought I might need a way to ease my way back into conversation.

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    • Ok thanks

    • You're welcome. I'm not very good at this sort of advice but I try (^^;)

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  • Ask her tons of question.

  • Just ask her out.


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