Signs it's more than just hooking up?

Things a guy will say or do if he likes the girl and is more into her than just hooking up. How to tell he wants a relationship
he's super affectionate with me in front of his friends and told me he thinks Im a cool girl to hangout with and that he thinks we really hit it off


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  • He'll want to spend more and more quality time with you and it won't be dependent on whether or not you have sex.


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  • 1. He wants to spend quality time outside the bedroom.
    2. You have met his family
    3. He let's you sleepover
    4. He texts you everyday or every other day. Not no simple text.
    5. He tries to get to know more about you as s person

    • he does like to go out on dates with me and just hangout but we also do have lots of sex. I have met his family ( before we were even seeing each other), he always lets me sleepover even when he has to work in the morning and will drive me and home and picks me up. We text a few times a week and I feel he does care to get to know me. He asks questions and takes interest in what im doing

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    • Exactly my dilema lol so I want to hangout with him a bit more, go out on a few more dates, get to know him better when Im back home for good. Then Ill bring it up

    • Go for it before holding unto something that has no compromise.

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  • he will get jealous when u talk 2 other guys basically...:-P


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  • Does he care about you?

    • he told me he misses me

    • He telling you he misses you is not a good indication of him wanting more, let's be honest.

    • Also planned a date for us the day I get home

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