What do I do? Is there any chance of him coming back?

So a little over a month ago I met my perfect guy online we made plans to hang out and the date was amazing. He called me a keeper and we cuddled. He even kissed me goodbye and we made plans to hang out again. We both mentioned how surprised we were by how we connected. A week after I came down he just stopped talking to me then a week after that he told me he didn't mean to hurt me but that a girl he had liked long before he met me but always had been friendzoned with asked him to go out and he liked her too much to say no and once things worked out he had to stop talking to me. I'm broken he was perfect for me. Do you think I have a chance if things don't work out between them? How do I handle it?


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  • Move on, as for the future who knows.
    But definitely today for how the situation stands, move on.
    It was good he was honest though, and did not give you some bs story or string you along

    • Thanks yeah, I just want him though

    • I hear that, you want what you want... we all think like that

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  • No, you don't have a chance. You must have low self esteem. LET ME SAY THIS TO YOU STRAIGHT



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  • You do not have a change since he found her. He put her as a priority. Save face, move on and stop pursuing it.


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