Is it better for American men to find a foreign woman?

I just discovered this website, https://www. happierabroad. com/ . They make it sound as if international dating is a dream come true; like foreign women are better than American women in every way. Does this convince you that American men are better off finding love abroad? Because it's tempting.


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  • Not this again.
    If you want to find a foreign woman, go for it.
    Do whatever you want.


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  • Lol, bitter nonsense. Those men would have you think that every woman is a cold blooded, scheming witch bent on your destruction.

    Really, the typical American girl (hell, people in general) just really want someone to love them and treat them with respect. There are some who are so lacking in feelings of self-worth that they post nudes of themselves online, just to get the smallest slice of approval from the opposite sex. It breaks my heart, frankly.

    And that sort of woman is supposed to be some ball crushing harpy? Give me a break.

    What's really sad? Despite their sad state, most guys *still* can't meet their standards.

    Perhaps if those men spent more time improving themselves, uplifting the women around them, and less time moaning, their experience with American women would be better.


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  • The difference is like night and day. Travel abroad and see for yourself, your mind will be blown.

    1. Women show interest
    2. Women respect men and vise versa
    3. Women take care of their men
    4. Women are not afraid to engage in conversations with men
    5. Women are more open to compliment men.

  • I have heard this too. Mainly because foreign women can be treated however you want to treat them. It is kind of like you are dating women from before the women's rights movement from what I have heard. They are supposedly much less demanding and more submissive to men.

    • Depends on where you go, I know from 18 years of experience, that women in Spain aren't definitely "old school".

  • I'm a foreign guy (Europe) and I want an American women... the grass is greener on the other side.


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