He introduced me to his friends, is it official?

it was our third date and he took me to his friend's house. All his friends are couples. Maybe it was planned maybe it wasn't but he acted like he didn't know there was a party. Like he got a text from one of his friends and invited him to a party. Then he said, *i want you to meet my friends*

So we sat around a fire with two other couples and talked and he didn't introduce me as his girlfriend. But this seemed like a biggg step. We did sit together and he just treated me like a girlfriend.

Did he do this just to not be the single one surrounded my couples? Or did he do this because he wants to take it to the next level?


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  • Nope changes nothing that's a move done so all the girls trust the guys and think everyones wholesome its official when you meet his mom

    • Ohhhh snap. His mom is evil she has done so much shit. But he considers his friends his mentors because they are older and basically been there for him when shit goes down with his mom. Does that change anything? They look over him

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    • Hm that is very true

    • I bring girls to meet my little sister and friends or if she's really pretty one of my uncles but not mom or grandmothers or aunts you meet them when it official

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