Why would he tell me personal info, is he politely rejecting me?

I'm confused... or does he only talk to me for an ego boost?

I'm sure he knows that I like him but we hardly ever have conservations just Hi and By or How are you... Good.

So about the third time we have a real convo he tells me about how he had a sickness as a kid but it went away. No offence but like isn't that a little too much for me too know. I barely know him on a personal level, I don't have his number or even know his birthday etc.
And he forgot my name!!
(Ok we went tothe same grade school but never had the same classes so I guess I'm just a familiar face I don't know but we never talked until After high school which is now)

I'm thinking we're better off as friends because he's not a Christian and that's one of my deal breakers.
I feel like he purposely told me he doesn't believe in GOD as a way of gently rejecting me and saying he's not the one for me
* oops darn auto correct, meant to say CONVERSATIONS not conservations


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  • if i like a girl, i remember everything she tells me, especially her name, but that's just me. i think that's a lot of guys too, am i wrong?

    • Exactly!! I mean the name is essential

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    • maybe he's dyslexic AND ADD

    • Lol no, I just think he's not into me. It's ok I'm use to it

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  • I think he just wants to be friends, does he ever ask about your personal life?


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  • Several points to this question. Firstly, I agree more or less with the MH. If I am interested in someone I pay attention to them and try to remember what they've said. Secondly, it could be one of two things. There has been research on how to maintain a close relationship (dating and normal) and one of the primary actors is self-disclosure. This means that as we feel more comfortable around a person we confide more in them and expect them to confide more in us. So it is possible that he is trying to move y'alls relationship to the next level. However, that seems pretty early and unwarranted so to me it is more likely that he might have been trying to drive you away.
    The third is my personal beliefs. Feel free to date or not date whomever you choose; however, it seems harsh to me that you'd automatically disqualify a guy who might be perfect for you just on the basis of your faith.

    • Lol well I just don't wanna argue 24/7 about faith. I don't mind having friends of a different religion but sometimes we clash when the subject comes up so I can only imagine how'd it be with a relationship.

      And ya ima go with driving me away because it seems crazy to feel comfortable already.

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    • Well I don't know what the guy was trying to say but I got the message.

      It was clearly a warning sign. I don't really wanna his whole business online though

    • What he said and the way he said it was pretty extreme

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  • Maybe it's just an ego boost

  • Just ask him next time if y'all are just friends


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