-Poll- Need help... how much do they like each other?

This is about my boyfriend and best friend. I've been together with my boyfriend for about 3 months now and best friends with a girl for about 6 years. Recently I've noticed that they have been talking more with each other than with me. He is also acting the same way he acted around me when we just started to figure out we liked eachother. They sit next to eachother in every class, always playing around with each other, talks about sexual things together (they even talked about them breaking the bed while having sex with eachother!) and when my bf and I are both sad she will go to him even though she's only known him since the start of the year. by the way I've known him longer.

She has told me she likes him a tiny but but says she would never date him. I've asked him and he says he wouldn't date her but I don't believe them. I tried to break up with him last week but I got back together with him because he was so sad (I didn't do it just out of guilt I'm in love with him).

I'm also really upset because I feel like she cares more about him and tells more stuff to him than to me. Another confusing thing is that he tells her he loves me, that I'm beautiful and how he wants to marry me when we are older! I'm really upset because I know they like eachother but I don't know how much!!
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Also another friend said that they talk so much they should date instead
Please more opinions! He constantly says he loves me but I'm not sure what to do! I see her in a week and him in 2
More opinions pls💛


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What Guys Said 1

  • They probably have feelings for each other, but the more important issue is that they're both disrespecting you -- big time. If I were in your situation, I would end the relationship. Don't worry about how much it hurts him. He's a big boy; he'll get over it. The worst thing you can do is stay with a guy who makes you frustrated and miserable.

    • He nearly killed himself because of it...

    • As insensitive as this may sound, it doesn't matter. You're not a therapist or social worker; he's responsible for his own actions. You can't allow yourself to be trapped in a miserable relationship just because he can't keep himself together mentally.

What Girls Said 1

  • I have a best guy friend. We've been friends for like 14 years. We're all over each other, cuddle, hug, laugh and talk a lot. I wouldn't think much of it. If he wanted to be with her, he would be.

    • He's dating me... I know he loves me because I tried to break up with him and he nearly killed himself but I do know that he likes her (well, I'm pretty sure by the way they act around each other). They've only known each other since the start of the year

    • Like I said, if they liked each other in that way, they'd be dating. Don't think too much of it.

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